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Join Rosemary O'Connor as she guides you through this life-saving video ecourse filled with practical tools and recovery principles for living an amazing life of freedom and happiness.

Seventeen years ago, I was an out-of-control alcoholic mom...


Meet Rosemary O'Connor
Author, Certified Life & Addiction Coach

After years of trying to control my drinking, I finally hit my bottom in 1999 after drinking all night and not coming home to my three small children.

Now, as a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Addiction Coach, with over seventeen years of personal and professional experience, I’ve had the honor of helping mothers overcome unique challenges specific to mothers in recovery. Join me in this amazing journey that will change your life. Help, hope and happiness are available today!

As a mom, does any of this sound familiar?

  • You can't imagine life without drinking or using?
  • You're out of hope because you've tried to stop, but can't?
  • Are you riddled with guilt and shame?
  • Are you stressed out and overwhelmed with all the tasks of being a mom?
  • Do you feel inadequate as a mom?
  • Are you sober, but still miserable?
  • Do you feel alone, angry, and no one seems to understand you?
  • Do you feel lost, scared and don’t know where to turn?

Finally... a dynamic 4 Week Video Ecourse designed for Recovering Mom's!

Receive the Help, Hope, & Happiness You Deserve!

In the Sober Mom's Guide to Recovery ecourse, Rosemary O'Connor will guide you with practical tools and proven principles to help you lead an amazing sober life.

Four weeks will change your life... one moment at a time!

Help for Mom's

Hope with Proven Tools

Happiness Like Never Before

"Rosemary's Ecourse is filled with concrete strategies for coping with life as a sober mom. She is relatable, authentic, and gets right to the core of recovery. She identifies many of the emotions and conflicts that go along with parenting. She helps eliminate guilt, promotes self-acceptance, self-care, and inspires hope. Every sober mom needs to take this Ecourse!"

Single mom of 2 young adult boys

"Rosemary is one of the kindest, most sincere people I know. She has a sound mind, compassion, knowledge, training and a hands-on understanding of addiction. She does not just talk the talk; she walks the walk, leading with a great example. She is beyond dedicated to helping every person and does not judge the person needing help. Rosemary is extremely knowledgeable and educated about sobriety and offers the proper guidance. Whenever a situation arose with me, she gave sound, well thought-out suggestions. She was sympathetic when my tears needed to flow. My favorite thing she taught me is sobriety can be fun. I could actually truly laugh again. "

Courtney Haden
Mother of two teenage boys & Coaching Client

"Honestly this course is such a gift with wonderful content! It helps decrease shame and provide hope. As a mother who fought recovery because I was afraid to "leave" my children, I see a wonderful welcoming to new possibilities."

Jona Dominques
Mom of two boys, Co-owner Resolutions Recovery

Let Rosemary Guide You to an Amazing Life You Deserve!

In the Sober Mom's Guide to Recovery Ecourse, Rosemary tackles these tough topics with authentic stories of hope, down-to-earth advice, and plenty of laughter so you can enjoy life again.

√ Overcoming Shame & Guilt

√ Practical, Proven Strategies for a Heathy, Sober Life

√ Finding Peace and Serenity 

√ Recovering from Loneliness & Isolation

√ Practical Pace of Life & Self-Care Tools

√ Reducing Anxiety & Feeling Overwhelmed

√ Embracing Spirituality

√ Receive encouragement, Affirmation, & Support

The Sober Moms Ecourse includes...

  • A weekly video lesson from Rosemary sent right to your Inbox.
  • A beautifully designed downloadable PDF filled with the recovery tools for each week.
  • A Comment Section where you can leave your thoughts, insights and questions for Rosemary.
  • New insights, inspiration, and proven strategies.

One Lesson Each Week for 4 Weeks!
Here's a Peek inside the Course

Each week you receive a new video lesson and PDF guide to walk you through the tools for each week. In the Comments section, Rosemary will personally respond to your questions.

4 Weeks to an Amazing New Life

You will be guided through these specific themes...

Week 1 – You Are Not Alone

Recovering from an addiction is tough enough, but when you throw in the tremendous responsibilities of motherhood, resisting cravings and remaining abstinent—much less enjoying the rewards of sobriety—can seem like an impossible challenge. In Week 1 we will look at how alcohol, drugs, and/or other addictions may be running your life and explore the truth that you are not alone. I will give you tools to let go of the past and start creating an amazing life you deserve!

Week 2 - Kicking Guilt to the Gutter                       

Guilt is the constant companion of the alcoholic or addict, and even more so for mothers. I was horrified, overwhelmed by guilt and fear that I’d irreparably damaged my kids for life. I was filled with guilt, pain, and fear, wanting to drink/act out every moment of the day. I couldn’t imagine how these feelings would ever go away. Well, I have good news for you. In Week 2, we will wipe away all that horrible guilt, introducing you to the amazing woman and mother you truly are.                      

Week 3 – From Overwhelm to Overjoyed

Are you trying to be a Supermom? Running around like a basket-case with an endless To-Do list trying to please everyone, ending up frazzled and exhausted? I see too many moms flying around in their Supermom capes. It's time to lose the cape!  

Often we moms never make it onto our own To-Do list. We put everyone else’s needs before our own, including our basic needs like food, sleep, and hygiene. Trying to do it all can literally kill us. In Week 3, you will learn easy tips to take good care of yourself. You will find more time to do the things you like to do, get more rest, and cut your endless To-Do list in half.

Week 4 – Spirituality

When most of us come into recovery we are exhausted and our spirits are nearly dead. Here’s what I know for sure, the people in recovery whose lives flourish find some form of spiritual connection to a power greater than themselves.

In all my years in recovery I have seen miracles happen before my very own eyes. Most of it doesn’t make sense, but to see the light come on in someone's eyes once they get sober is like magic.  I’ve seen many people get sober and I’ve paid attention to those whose lives have really soared in recovery. In Week 4, I show you how to restore your spirit, connecting to your soul you how to put it to work in your life.                              

Listen to what other recovering moms are saying about a Sober Mom's Guide to Recovery...                           


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