The Sober Moms Community is a safe place for you to meet other moms in a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere. Our moms are committed to creating a sustainable recovery so they can be the best for their children and live an amazing life.

Each week and throughout the month, Rosemary will provide you practical and proven tools so you can experience
the fantastic life you deserve.

Exclusive SMG Content

As a SMG Member, you receive WEEKLY EXCLUSIVE content not available to the general public. You will receive new tools and support to help you get sober, stay sober and live an amazing life.

Community with Moms

You will be a part of supportive, non-judgmental community of moms committed to you living a rewarding life. You just might make some beautiful new friends!

Mom & Relationship Tools

Being a mom is tough enough without battling addiction. As a SMG Member, you'll receive great advice on self-care, parenting, boundaries, divorce, relationships, dating & finances. 

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You can access the Sober Moms Community from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Here's What You'll Receive Each Month...

A Weekly & Inspiring Sober Moms Email Right to Your Inbox

Each week, you'll receive the best of Rosemary's stories, insights and practical ideas for enjoying sobriety and living an amazing life.

A Private Facebook Group

As a member of the Sober Moms Community, you'll have exclusive access to our private Facebook Group where you can interact with Rosemary and other sober moms committed to their recovery.

Live Q&A Monthly Webinars with Rosemary

Each month, you have the chance to hop on a call with Rosemary and ask her questions about your recovery, parenting your children, and just about any questions you have! This will be a fun, lively, interactive call.

Interviews with Recovery, Parenting & Relationship Experts

Every month, you'll be treated to an exclusive video interview with top experts covering a wide range of topics for moms. Topics covered: recovery, parenting, boundaries, divorce, finances, love & dating and more!

Monthly Meditations

Every month, Rosemary will send you a beautiful designed Monthly Meditation for each month's focus. The Monthly Meditation will renew your heart, mind and spirit.

Exclusive Discounts on All Sober Mom Ecourses, Life Coaching & All Sober Moms Products

You will be first in line to receive discounts on all Sober Moms Ecourses and Products.

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Here on Sober Mom's, we offer you affordable options to help you in your recovery journey.

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My hope is that the Sober Moms Community plays a key role in helping you create a sustainable and thriving life in recovery. If you are not completely satisfied, you can cancel your membership at any time – no questions asked. However, we do not offer prorated refunds. Memberships are cancelled at the end of each billing cycle.


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