About Rosemary O'Connor

Author, Speaker
Certified Life & Addiction Coach

Rosemary is a consultant for the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and a leading pioneer, expert, and spokesperson on mothers, children, and addiction.  With over eighteen years of personal and professional experience, she has helped thousands of people recover from addiction via her speaking engagements, workshops, private coaching sessions, and media interviews.  In response to the unaddressed needs mothers have in recovery, Rosemary wrote A Sober Mom's Guide to Recovery - Taking Care of Yourself to Take Care of Your Kids (Hazelden 2015).
Rosemary has a B.A. in psychology. She is also a Certified Professional Coach, a Certified Addiction Coach, and a Certified She-Recovers Coach.
Rosemary’s greatest joy is being a sober mother of three amazing adult children. She loves to hike and swim in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Her favorite pastime is to travel to any beach, put her toes in the sand, and listen to the sound of the waves.

My Greatest Fear was Losing
My Three Children

Over eighteen years ago, Rosemary was an out-of-control alcoholic mother of three small children. She has dedicated her life to helping mom's in recovery through writing, speaking, coaching, and developing resources to help mom's find help, hope and happiness.


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