Life & Recovery Coaching
Your Guide to a Better Life

For over thirteen years, Rosemary has coached thousands of people to overcome challenges and thrive in recovery. Rosemary will design a program just for you by providing guidance, support, and proven tools to help move you forward in the life you want to live. 

Proven Success

Rosemary has successfully guided her clients to...

* Identify: The hurts and wounds that hold you back from experiencing a fulfilling life.

* Heal: The wounds that keep you miserable.


* Overcome:  Addiction, guilt, shame, negative thinking, heartbreak, burnout, loneliness, anger and resentment.

Enhance: Self-esteem, parenting skills and spirituality.

* Learn:  Healthy boundaries, co-parenting skills, and how to forgive self and others.


* Find: Your authentic self, peace & happiness, more joy & fun, purpose and passion, & new careers.


* Recover: From chemical dependency, divorce, love addiction, spending addiction, and codependency.

With Rosemary, You Will Gain...

* Greater freedom, joy and happiness.

* Renewed purpose and direction for your life.

* Positive outlook on life.

* Acceptance of self and others.

* A strong connection with a Higher Power.

* Tools to deal with fear, anxiety and financial worry.

* Deeper gratitude and contentment.

Life, Relationships, & Recovery Coaching Options

Pick a package based upon your budget and recovery needs.
(Phone or video)

Discovery Session


Single Session

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2 Month Program


2-Month Program includes: weekly coaching sessions, curriculum customized to your needs, & check-ins  between sessions to help you stay on track or address challenges.

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3 Month Program


3-Month Program includes:  weekly coaching sessions, curriculum customized to your needs, & check-ins  between sessions to help you stay on track or address challenges.

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