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Over 18 years ago, Rosemary was an out-of-control alcoholic mother. You'll be moved and inspired by her powerful story.

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Rosemary will give you key insights how you can understand the power of addiction in your life, so you can build an amazing new life for yourself.

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Rosemary will specifically share with you the tools she's developed to overcome guilt and shame in her own life to find freedom in recovery.

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In just 25 minutes, you'll hear Rosemary's inspiring story of how she overcame years of alcoholism and recreated an amazing new life beyond her wildest dreams.
(Not an easy journey, but well worth it!)

Rosemary is a leading pioneer, expert, and spokesperson on mothers, children, and addiction. With over eighteen years of personal and professional experience, she has helped thousands of people recover from addiction via her speaking engagements, workshops, private coaching sessions, and media interviews. In response to the unaddressed needs mothers have in recovery, Rosemary wrote A Sober Mom's Guide to Recovery - Taking Care of Yourself to Take Care of Your Kids (Hazelden 2015).


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