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A compelling storyteller, Rosemary O'Connor inspires audiences to make a commitment to be a change-agent for themselves, their families, and their communities.

With an inspiring story of courage, hope, and healing, Rosemary O'Connor inspires audiences to find the courage to make real changes to create a life of happiness and purpose.
Rosemary is a leading expert on mothers, women, children, and addiction. She is the author of A Sober Mom's Guide to Recovery (Hazelden Publishing, 2015). 
With humor, authenticity, and over eighteen years of professional experience, Rosemary invites the audience to participate in their own transformation.
Rosemary takes the stigma and shame out of addiction and inspires woman to create a beautiful life. She is a popular speaker for professional gatherings, workshops, woman's events and retreats.

"I’ve witnessed Rosemary O’Connor speaking to large audiences in a variety of formats: alone on stage, interview style in front of a camera, and as a panel participant. No matter the format, Rosemary O’Connor speaks beautifully, easily, and honestly about the challenges of being a sober mom. She is inspirational and authentic and provides hope for recovery and for overcoming the shame and stigma that moms especially can suffer as a result of addiction."

Nell Hurley
Executive Director of National Alumni Relations, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

"I’ve had the great pleasure of witnessing Rosemary do what she does best many times over the past few years. No matter if she is speaking with one or hundreds, she has a true gift of connecting with her audience, being heartfelt and authentic, and provides hope and strength to others by breaking down the walls of shame and guilt with her grace and humility. Her message is on-point for women of all ages and especially moms who are still struggling with substances or are thriving in recovery."

Lisa Stangl
Marketing Director, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

"Rosemary is a passionate advocate of recovery who inspires and empowers women - in particularly single mothers - to create healthy and meaningful lives free from addiction. She is a respected treatment-resource specialist, who is strengthening the recovery movement, locally and nationally - one woman at a time."

Fay Zenoff
Executive Director, Center for Open Recovery

 Speaking Topics

  • Heal the Moms, Heal the World
  • Radical Self-care
  • Kicking Guilt to the Gutter
  • Quit Your Wine-ing
  • Good-bye to the Good Girl
  • More than Enough
  • Becoming Real in an Unreal World

Rosemary's Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Renewal for Sober Moms - Esalen Institute – February 2 – 4, 2018 (Click here to learn more and register today.)

Past Speaking Engagements

California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals 

Hazelden Minnesota
Hazel Fest
Foundations Recovery Network
CASA Women’s Treatment Center Awards Ceremony
Metropolis of San Francisco Women’s Spiritual Retreat
Alta Mira Recovery Programs
Women’s Association of Addiction Treatment
EAPA - San Francisco
California Association of Realtors
New Directions for Women Treatment Center
Stepping Stone for Women
Reflections Treatment Center
Bayside Marin Treatment Center
Muir Wood Treatment Center

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